Empoweerment Connections: Peer to Peer Support Group

This workshop will give attendees an opportunity to learn how to develop, build and start a Peer rto Peer Support Group ro Groups. It is based off of the curriculum "The Power to Change". Support groups are a safe space for personal bonding that enables survivors to talk about what is often felt to be an unspeakable experience. Because abuse erodes self-esteem, and social skills, destroys family intimacy, damages growing children, reduces parentling skills and reates intense feelings of shame, guilt, isolation and loneliness. support groups lessen isolation and establish social bonds. Survivors can learn coping strategies while at the same time they lessen theeeeir sense of inadequacy. In this workshop we will learn how to develop a program that fits your agency. How to establish ways to cover a large geographic area and still make it feel intimatel. Their will be a hands-on prtion to show the mehtods used to help with coping strategies.