Kimberly Tocco

Kimberly Tocco is an author, speaker and metaphysical business consultant, who's been in Real Estate for over a decade and is a million-dollar producer. She's been featured in several national publications and worked alongside industry leaders. Her programs focus on resetting your body, mind, and business. After overcoming the tragic loss of her son she dedicated her life to teaching people how to find joy in their darkest moments and reduce the suicide rate in the US. She's given over $250,000 in closing costs/rebates through her charity to honor the life of her son and support families who have experienced similar hardship. Kimberly's early life found here packing one suitcase and running from a violent relationship with a 2 year old and a 1 year old. For two years she sought help from advocacies and pressed charges prevailing in the end with full custody of her children and incarceration for her then spouse.