Brandi Dye

Brandi joined CCASA in November 2020. She is a trained communicator, with undergraduate degrees in Public Relations and Magazines from Drake University, who believes in the power of human connection forged by spoken conversations, the written word and face-to-face engagement. Brandi’s approach to organizational communications is guided by one of her core beliefs: effective communication is equal parts speaking and listening. Humility and a willingness to ask questions are tenets of Brandi’s audience-centered approach to communications. In her experience writing for national publications and lending her time and talent to other nonprofit organizations, Brandi discovered her drive to make the world a better place through the power of words. In fact, Brandi sees dismantling the power structures that allow for sexual violence as a duty and a way to use her privilege to create positive change. The epitome of an extrovert and a born and bred Midwesterner, outside of the office Brandi can be found chatting with anyone who is willing about her favorite recipes, Cardinals baseball or why Bob’s Burgers is a perfect show.