Amanda Wilson

Amanda Wilson I am a dedicated partner, mother, advocate, survivor, writer, and all around imperfect human being just trying my best to live in such a way that I improve the world rather than harm it. I hold a BA in psychology and MSNPA in nonprofit administration. I am the founder of a program in development called Empowered Teen. I spent a total of just over 5 years as a domestic violence advocate both in the largest dv shelter in California as well as in Douglas County Colorado. I've also got a background in various youth teaching positions. I authored a book titled "What Now?! The Guidebook" as a perspective and support for individuals in search of unfiltered, professional and experience based advice for the aftermath of abusive relationships. My hope is to highlight the proper support needs of individuals who have empowered themselves by leaving abusive relationships, and are to become the generational cycle breakers who truly change the world.