Hawa Metzger

My name is Hawa Metzger born and raised in Monrovia ,Liberia . But a resident of Colorado for over 10yrs. a mother , a LSW , and a social justice activist .. even tho my organization is a international non profit , but I was also a victim of domestic violence, and now a justice advocate . I think Colorado advocacy can be a great asset to other victims / survivors by mentoring and supporting people of different communities or countries .. because it was by living in Colorado, I learn values , self esteem , and being bold to tell my story, which I am now helping other women and young adults to speak up , but also to learn their rights , and most importantly finding and giving them resources thru my advocacy .. it is very crucial that organization like Colorado advocacy can spread against cultural lines / internationally for social change . I will be greatly honored to add my voice to this great platform .