Arianna Marshank

Arianna Marshank (she, her) is the Lead Prevention & Advocacy Specialist with the Domestic Violence Outreach Program at Family Tree, Inc. She provides individual and group advocacy to adult survivors experiencing domestic violence. Arianna also does outreach with community partners and agencies, seeking opportunities for collaboration to increase awareness of domestic violence. Arianna is also co-located at Jefferson County Human Services Department of Children, Youth, Family and Adult Protective Services (CYF). In this role, she brings her expertise on domestic violence to support CYF caseworkers in their decision making and in processing cases that involve domestic violence. She also provides a series of trainings to new staff as well as annual mandatory trainings to all staff at Jefferson County CYF on the dynamics of domestic violence, and connects with domestic violence survivors working within the child welfare system to provide advocacy, support, and resources. Arianna started her career in the domestic violence field working as a Victim Advocate in a family justice center in Portland, Oregon and then went to work as a Bilingual Family Advocate at a domestic violence shelter before joining Family Tree, Inc. Arianna lives in Denver with her partner, Gabe, and their two cats, Melvin and Alberta. Outside of work, she enjoys baking, yoga, painting, and rooting for the Denver Nuggets. Arianna Marshank can be contacted at 303-271-6140 or outreach@thefamilytree.org.