2022 Keynote

June 14, 2022 9:30 AM MST

Dominique Morgan Keynote

A Roadmap to Building Sustainable Communities

As we invest dollars and people power to shift the experience of marginalized communities in the US, we have to ask ourselves how we as a generation of change makers will bypass the mistakes of our elders. How do we lean on community solutions for change? How do we de-center the most privileged and how to we see value and goodness in everyone while developing a culture of accountability?

Presenter Biography

Our Executive Director, Dominique Morgan, is a Black trans woman who experienced incarceration as a young person and as an adult, and leads our organization from a strong transformative justice and reproductive justice standpoint as a community healer and a sexual health educator. Dominique's experiences and leadership ensure Black & Pink programming is conducted from a trauma-informed approach: Instead of asking, "What do we need to do to fix you?" we ask, "What have you experienced?" and "What does success look like for you?" This builds a pathway to sustainability because our investment lives in our people and the solutions they dictate.