Submission Guidelines & Presenter FAQ

The following FAQ section covers the basics of being a presenter at the Colorado Advocacy in Action Conference. Please review the information as you will be asked to confirm the presenter terms and guidelines when submitting your proposal.

What are the conference themes and goals?

The Colorado Advocacy in Action Conference is a place to share, discuss, and explore the connections and creative solutions essential to our efforts to address and end sexual and domestic violence. We are looking for presenters from diverse backgrounds and experiences to address what survivors and communities really need, particularly those most marginalized and underserved, not just for intervention, but also for prevention and for social change. For example, we welcome workshops on advocacy beyond services. Here are some questions that you might consider as you prepare your presentation/proposal:

  • What does advocacy look like? What are emerging issues and best practices that have been successful in your program/community?
  • What is the role of a direct service program in prevention and social change?
  • What is the role of collaborations to best support and engage underserved communities in your area? How has your program innovatively worked with other kinds of service providers (faith, culturally specific, military, sports leaders, etc.) to meet the needs of traditionally marginalized survivors/communities?
  • How can we work toward dismantling oppression that is at the root of gender violence?
  • How can community-based programs address/support behavior change/accountability for offenders and the systems that work with them?
  • How does research inform our work? How do we effectively evaluate research, especially where it might be contradictory or impact best practices?
  • What role does public will building play for your program? How can communities prioritize prevention while still providing effective intervention?

What are the workshop length & tracks?

We are seeking proposals for 90 minute sessions in addition to extended length 180 minute skill building sessions. CAIA seeks presenters to speak on a variety of topics related to access to services, work with underserved populations, and non-profit administration.

What is the conference location?

The 2023 conference will be held in person in Denver, CO. No virtual option is being offered.

How many attendees come to the conference?

Last year, the conference had over 350 registered attendees, breakouts have 10-75 per session.

Are all attendees from Colorado?

No, we have participants and presenters from all around the country, so content need not necessarily be catered only to Colorado advocates, but to a variety of disciplines from across the US.

Will presenters be compensated?

As a presenter you will receive ONE complimentary registration. The registration will be in your name and valid for the entire conference. Sleeping rooms are available at the group rate, but are not provided as part of presenting. Please note, we DO NOT offer complimentary registrations to co-presenters. They will need to register at either member/non-member rates.

Will co-presenters receive a complimentary registration?

Unfortunately, we DO NOT offer complimentary registrations to co-presenters. They will need to register at either member/non-member rates.

How are session rooms set up?

In years when the conference is physical – Each session room will have the following equipment available for your use: podium, screen, projector and laptop. A limited number of flip charts are available if you need them, please contact us in advance to reserve. Not all rooms are equipped with house sound. Room capacities and setup will be in accordance with any guidelines set forth for COVID at the time of the conference. Some rooms have house sound and others we will have standalone speakers/mic. If you plan to have videos or audio clips, you MUST notify us in your application.

How do I submit training materials?

Presenters will be asked to provide an electronic copy of their presentation and/or handouts by May 19, 2023. Presenters will emailed instructions for uploading workshop presentation and slides. Presenters will be responsible for any paper copies that they choose to provide.

Do I need to print/bring my handouts?

In year when the conference is physical – Yes, presenters will be responsible for any paper copies which they choose to provide. Additionally, presenters will be asked to upload presentation and/or handouts by May 19, 2023. Instructions for uploading materials will be emailed to the primary presenter.


Please contact Marci Whitman, Conference Coordinator, if you have any questions call 303-521-0201 or conference@coloradoadvocacy.org